I am devastated!!!

Well, you must be wondering what this is all about. It’s been 24 hours since I have lost my IPhone5!

How did it happen? Hmmm…  I actually ‘misplaced’ it during my gym workout session yesterday morning. When I realized my phone is not with in the locker, I immediately search nearly every part of the men’s changing room. A small part of me was confident that the person who found it would have returned it to the front desk. Few guys that I know notice about my frantic behaviour and asked me what’s going on. They immediately tried calling my mobile number and putting on loud speaker so I could know if the phone rings etc. The calls were answered by a machine that says ‘not reachable’.

At that moment, I know the person who took it had switched off the phone. Then I panicked. It felt like a disaster. Anyway I informed the gym front desk staff who immediately gathered a small team (including the cleaners) to do a search in the men’s room and the general areas. The entire search brought no good news to me.

I walked away from the gym thinking, why would anyone take my phone and kept it? Most of them seem well-off (my assumption is purely based on most of the car models that they drive as nearly everyone parks at the same place as that is the most strategic spot to take the elevator to the gym) and most of them working adults.

To me, my phone means a lot to me. Not only because it is considered ‘an expensive’ phone. But the fact that I have a lot of stuffs stored on my phone.

A trip to the mobile service provider yesterday didn’t help other than me getting a smart card (SIM) replacement. They are unable to do anything as my contract expires in January 2015. So for now, I’m using a Nokia phone, an older model hence has very limited browsing capability and applications. I am hoping Apple will launch Iphone6 soon as I am very keen to get that model. Looks like i need to get used of using the Nokia phone, not a smart phone mind you… 😦


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