A new beginning in 2016! Hmm really?

How have you fellas been? I am doing great here. I am still thinking on what to focus in 2016, the year of monkey! Personally things has been smooth for me however I can’t say the same about work. It has been a bit rough, especially throughout December 2015.

Moving on, it’s been a while since I posted here so I thought of updating myself here. It has been a tough call in choosing my resolutions for this year, here is the short version of it.

  • Eat healthier (always been an issue, why does it have to be so hard!)
  • Lose weight (would be easier if I can follow the above)
  • Travel more (Dreaming of going to US!)
  • To remain happy and positive
  • To be more active on my blog (I have lots of
  • To be richer to do all the above LOL

I have spoken to few people and not many of them are ‘enthusiastic’ with resolutions. I wonder why. Personally I think it’s good to have some personal targets set to bring you to right course in your life. Or is it too ambitious? Have you decided on your resolutions?





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