Emirates : KL > London

Hey guys! Did you miss me? It’s been a while since I posted anything, sorry for the disappearance. I am doing fine here. Anyway wishing you guys a Happy New Year 2018! 🙂

I travelled to London in December 2017. This post is mainly about my experience flying with Emirates. My first time with them from Kuala Lumpur to London via Dubai. I choose Emirates as I wanted to experience travelling to London with a stopover thinking it will be less stressful as you won’t be stuck on a plane for 13+ hours.

After weeks of purchasing the flight tickets, finally, it’s time to go to London! Yeayy! J J I am very excited to go to London this time as I will be experiencing how Christmas is being celebrated in the UK.

Back to Emirates, the check-in at KLIA was smooth. The boarding announcement was clear.  The staffs were welcoming and friendly.

Once I got onto the plane, the setting is almost similar to Malaysia Airlines A380. The cabin environment was nice with good ventilation, lighting and temperature. Take-off and landing were decent for A380 plane. The seats were comfortable considering I am 6’2 in a normal seat. Point to note, I did pay additional for the seat selection. The ICE infotainment system is fantastic and you can watch so many programs which are cool.

Photo Dec 21, 1 20 51 PM

I was not too impressed with the in-flight dining. Some item was out of stock and they don’t seem to ‘entertain’ additional requests. At one point, I requested for soft drinks in between meals but didn’t get any.

Photo Dec 21, 12 42 47 AM

One thing that I don’t like about Emirates is the baggage allocation of 20kg per person which is horrendous. Most of the other airlines provide at least 25kg for such long distance travelling. I don’t mind flying again with Emirates if the cost of the flight is significantly lower than other airlines.



A new beginning in 2016! Hmm really?

How have you fellas been? I am doing great here. I am still thinking on what to focus in 2016, the year of monkey! Personally things has been smooth for me however I can’t say the same about work. It has been a bit rough, especially throughout December 2015.

Moving on, it’s been a while since I posted here so I thought of updating myself here. It has been a tough call in choosing my resolutions for this year, here is the short version of it.

  • Eat healthier (always been an issue, why does it have to be so hard!)
  • Lose weight (would be easier if I can follow the above)
  • Travel more (Dreaming of going to US!)
  • To remain happy and positive
  • To be more active on my blog (I have lots of
  • To be richer to do all the above LOL

I have spoken to few people and not many of them are ‘enthusiastic’ with resolutions. I wonder why. Personally I think it’s good to have some personal targets set to bring you to right course in your life. Or is it too ambitious? Have you decided on your resolutions?




Brussels… often overlooked but you shouldn’t!

Brussels is the capital and largest city of Belgium and the de facto capital of the European Union (EU) and headquarters for NATO. A lot of people tend to skip Brussels when they are in Europe. I have made the same mistake too earlier. This time I was determined to see what Brussels has to offer.


Map of Belgium.


Travelling from London via Eurostar.


The Brussels Central Station


A short walk to the hotel.. beautiful sunny day!

We arrived at Brussels Midi via Eurostar train from London. From here you will need to take a train to get to Brussels Central which is a metro and railway station in the central of Brussels. The journey from Brussels Midi to Brussels Central only took a while (less than 10minutes) as it was only two stop away. After getting our directions right, we decided to walk to our hotel which is located pretty near from here.

We reached the hotel in about 10 minutes. It seems to be in a good location and I can see lots of eateries and shops nearby. Without wasting time we got ourselves checked in and ready to explore Brussels. The location of this hotel is just perfect, just a few street away from the Grand place. I will be posting about the hotel in another post soon.


Walking around in Brussels.


Walking around in Brussels.

So what is considered as a must do when in Brussels? Well, here is my take on that;

Discover the city on foot. There is so much to see when you are exploring the city on foot. The city is not that big and you can see most things in one day.


The Grand Place, Brussels.


The Grand Place, Brussels.


The Grand Place, Brussels.

Grand Place.

This a must see buildings in Brussels. It’s a huge cobblestone square with amazing buildings from the earlier centuries (some reference say from the 12th century). Amazing architecture and if can, check out the view at night. The surrounding area are now occupied by many cafes and restaurants. It is an UNESCO World Heritage site since 1998.


Enjoying our meal @ Fritland.


This is one of their signature sandwich, chicken @ Fritland.


Lots of waffle shops like this one..


Waffle with dark chocolate dressing and fresh strawberry. This was really really good!


Churros. What can i say it was good too! Drizzled with nutella & caramel sauce, whipped cream.

Waffles, Chocolate, Beers, Mussels and Fries.

These are some of the food which are very famous in Belgium. There are so many different shops/café who claims to be selling the best version so it all depends on your budget.  You can also check with your hotel on where to go to get these.

Do check out my review on Pierre Marcolini chocolate here: http://www.tripadvisor.com.my/ShowUserReviews-g188644-d2090796-r290614503-Pierre_Marcolini-Brussels.html


All these people are here to see the little fella..


Here is the little fella, The Manneken Pis.

Manneken Pis.

Its basically means ‘little man pee’ which is a small bronze sculpture and considered as a landmark. Apparently it has been there since 1619. The statue is located at the junction of Rue de l’Étuve/Stoofstraat and Rue du Chêne/Eikstraat.


Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula.


Inside of Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula.

Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula.

This is a Roman Catholic Church. The church was given cathedral status in 1962. The patron saints of the church, St. Michael and St. Gudula, are also the patron saints of the city of Brussels.


The entrance of Galeries Royales St Hubert.

Galeries Royales St Hubert.

Located near the Grand Place, the Galerie de la Reine is beautiful shopping mall. You will find lots of luxury boutiques, chocolate shops, watchmakers and restaurants in here.


Hard Rock Cafe Brussels. A must place for me to visit in any country.


Hard Rock Cafe Brussels. A must place for me to visit in any country.


Brussels seems to be famous for their street art too..


This is right in front of the hotel. So many shops, cafe and stores around. Very convenient.

To wrap it up, I loved Brussels. It was pretty easy going and quite laid back city. I do enjoy the food especially the chocolates!

Top 10 slangs only Malaysians would say

How to speak like a local and make Malaysian friends!

1. Best/Syok
Which means superlatively good. Add ‘giler’ at the end of the sentence to connote ‘craaaaaazilly good’.
How to use: ‘Fuah, this Milo Dinosaur best giler’. Or, ‘Watching “Interstellar” on IMAX is damn syok.’

2. Bo jio
‘Bo jio’ is coming up as one of our favourite phrases, which translates as ‘never invite’ in Hokkien. You don’t really have to mean it to say ‘bo jio’ – it can be used to annoy your friends who are having a better time than you.
How to use: ‘You’re holidaying at Langkawi with your girlfriend ah? Bo jio!’

3. Boss
‘Boss’ here doesn’t really refer to your manager. You call someone ‘boss’ when you don’t know his/her name. Or when you need to suck up to get into the person’s good books. Or when you need to order at the mamak.
How to use: ‘Boss, teh tarik satu’ [at the mamak]; ‘Okay boss, I’ll do everything you say’ [to suck up].

4. Cincai
It really just means ‘whatever’ but you can also use it to describe an action where one does anything casually or as one pleases.
How to use: ‘Eat what? Cincai lah’ or ‘I cincai order for you, okay?’

5. Gostan
Our local ministers say it. The taxi driver says it. Your grandfather says it. Who cares if ‘gostan’ stems from the term ‘go astern’ as long as you know it means ‘to reverse’?
How to use: ‘Eh, don’t gostan into the longkang!’

6. Mempersiasuikan
If a portmanteau between a Malay and English word can exist in Malaysia, there’s no way we can’t do the same with other dialects, like this Hokkien verb, ‘sia sui’, which means ‘to embarrass’.
How to use: ‘You don’t mempersiasuikan the human race can or not?’

7. Yum cha
Yum cha is a Cantonese phrase, which means ‘go have tea’. But this favourite slang has been adapted by most Malaysians to ask their friends to hang out.
How to use: ‘Jom, we yum cha at Bangsar tonight.’

8. Potong stim
A buzzkill that ruins your high, like how your friends flaked out on you at a Taylor Swift concert. Or that scene when Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike stepped into the shower in ‘Gone Girl’ but the Malaysian cinemas… well, you know what happened next.
How to use: ‘Wah, Ben Affleck is stark naked and he’s gonna… Oi! Why fast forward? Damn potong stim lah!’

9. On the way
To be used when you’re late for an appointment, wedding or yum cha session but you’re actually still in the shower. Malaysian timing mah.
How to use: ‘Ah? You wedding now ah? Okay, on the way… on the way’ [still napping at home].

10. Then/Abuden?
As a nation fond of short cuts, we strive to be as economical as possible with our words. ‘Then/Abuden’ is a sarcastic reply to indicate ‘What else did you expect?’
How to use: ‘Abuden? You think this company is going to give you a raise ah?’

The above content was originally published by TimeOut Kuala Lumpur (www.timeout.com/kuala-lumpur/things-to-do/top-10-slangs-only-malaysians-would-say). Couldnt resist myself from sharing it with you guys! 🙂 Hope you had a good read!

My dream trip… here I come Europe!

I am all excited that I have confirmed by flight booking to London in June. Six more weeks to go people! I have done some thinking and planning, I will be doing a bit of tour in Western Europe. I will be heading Brussels, Venice, Milan, Zermatt, Geneva, Barcelona, Paris and back to London. I wanted to go to Lisbon but don’t think i will have sufficient time.

So if you are any good suggestions, please share it with me!
Europe Map

Blown away with FAF7! 

Hello guys.. I have just seen the Fast and Furious 7 movie which was freaking awesome! The story line was good. The action scenes was really good (and some what rediculous) but entertaining. There is some comedy punch lines which are good to break the tension. Overall loved it and giving it a 5* star rating.. RIP Paul! ✌️

Hope you guys are having some fun too this weekend!