Lexis Resort Port Dickson, Malaysia

This is my first time visiting Lexis Port Dickson which is about one hour drive south from Kuala Lumpur. It is a popular get away location for most people who works in the city.

My stay was in April 2015(I know, apology for the overdue review). I booked an Executive water chalet by contacting their reservation line. The check in was smooth and fast. We were directed to our chalet via buggy ride. The chalets (Balinese inspired) that we had is not that far from main building. The chalet is quite spacious. The bathroom is separated from the bed area hence it is suitable for big family especially those with kids. Our room had a king size bed plus a day bed, balcony, shower, bathtub, mini fridge, TV with cable channels, coffee & tea facility, with air condition.  There is a panel of glass on the bath area which you can view the sea underneath. Nothing much can be seen other than some water.

Overall the room looks dated (apparently they have around since 1994!) however it was generally clean. We had one problem which was the day bed, it had damp smell. I contacted the hotel to inform on this and they send a housekeeping staff to change the linen on the day bed. Although that was done, the damp smell was still lingering. Since it was only two of us and no reason of using the day bed, we didn’t bother to make it a big deal. Nonetheless the hotel housekeeping should have spotted this when making up the room as the smell was apparent. I wonder how did they miss that?

We had our dinner at the coffee house which is at the main block of the hotel. We were the only people dining at the restaurant at that point of time. Actually if you drive out of the resort, there are plenty of seafood and local restaurant which offers decent meal at decent price. We were too lazy to head out. Back to the coffee house, the wait staff was efficient and friendly. We ordered ‘Nasi Tampi’ which cost us RM50 (inclusive of tax). We were told that this dish can be shared with at least 2 person and they were right. No complaints on the food.


We didn’t use their facilities but they have swimming pool, archery, beach volley ball, bicycle for rent, gym, children playroom, Segway and so on. Since we were here on a weekend, the facilities were occupied by other guests. Do note that some of facilities are shared with Grand Lexis resort which is just next door (newer), under the same management.


I had arranged for a surprise birthday cake for my partner which they had assisted accordingly. Overall, it is a nice place for some relaxing time with your family away from KL city. I dont think this will be the right choice if you want to have a romantic holiday.


Golden Banana Boutique Resort, Siam Reap, Cambodia

Got to know about this boutique resort from TripAdvisor. I did some fact finding and found out it is managed by the same people who manages Rambutan Resort in Phnom Penh. So I thought, give it a try. We enquired and made our booking via online for both resorts hence enjoyed some discount. Yeay! The GBR is slightly more expensive than the Rambutan Resort in Phnom Penh however GBR is slightly older resort. After a long journey from Phnom Penh (8hours journey via private taxi), we arrived safely in Siam Reap. We reached the Golden Banana Resort in the evening so we decided to check-in and freshen up as we were quite excited to explore Siam Reap.


Chill out area next to reception.


Patiently waiting for the room to be ready!

Registration seemed easy as we have given most information when we booked earlier. Similar to Rambutan Resort, the staff takes time to explain on the hotel where about, hotel policies, the surrounding tourist attractions areas and provided us with a map. The resort can arrange a tuk tuk or taxi, should you need one. We did use the tuk tuk / taxi service here as we came by a private taxi from Phnom Penh who will be our dedicated transporter in Siam Reap.

We got a room on level 2, called Sandlewood. The stairs to go up to the room seemed scary to me, it’s not very wide so you need to watch out when you climb up. On the day we arrive, it has rained earlier so the steps are slippery as it was wet. The room was clean and spacious. The room could have been more spacious if it is not for the slightly odd room shape. It has open a closet, bath with rain shower, a 21” TV, air conditioner, mini bar, jug kettle, coffee & tea amenity, 2 bottles of drinking water (refilled everyday) and FREE wifi throughout resort. The bed was very comfortable and comes with soft & hard pillow. We have a nice balcony facing the swimming pool which has an outdoor bathtub.


The Sandlewood room.


The Sandlewood room.


The Sandlewood room.


The Sandlewood room.

We had some problem with the air-conditioner so we informed the staff. They came very quickly and tried to sort it out but apparently it was not sorted out. We have problem with the AC whereby it is not cold at all and kept switching off approximately every 2 hours. The whole night we kept waking up to switch ON the AC! Grrr!

The room comes with complimentary breakfast at the pool side. If you want, you can have it in your room but you need to make prior arrangement.  The breakfast is not buffet style but set menu which comes with juice, coffee / tea, dessert and your choice of main breakfast menu. It is priced at USD5 per person.


The balcony and outdoor stone tub.


On the next morning, we left the hotel very early at around 4.15am as we were going to Angkor Wat for the sunrise view. We informed the resort on the night before so they prepared light breakfast for us which were few baguettes, butter & jam and fresh fruits. The following days, we had breakfast at the resort. The concept is pretty similar with Rambutan Resort but over here, you need to ask for everything. They only serve you with coffee/tea and your main choice of breakfast. You need to ask for the juice, yogurt, fruits, etc. Seems weird to me. Why don’t they practice as how they practice in Rambutan?

On the second day, the room AC was still having the same problem despite being told by the reception staff that the problem has been fixed. After a while, I couldn’t take the heat anymore especially after doing our 1st round of Angkor temples hopping. We informed the staff again and they came to check on it. The manager (sorry, I can’t recall his name) but was a nice guy. After checking, he said it is sorted out as managed to reset the AC. After about 30minutes, the same problem occurred; AC switched off on its own! I explained to him again on what has happened since yesterday with the AC and he immediately rang someone from the air-cond company to come over to check the AC. The technician came pretty fast to check on the AC but by then, I was really tired and frustrated. Here we are after a whole day doing temple hopping and now we are having some AC problem for couple of hours when we are supposed to relaxing! I requested him to get us another room. He immediately checked and offered us a room at the other building which has a functional AC but doesn’t have a pool view. I had no choice. We packed our stuffs and went to another room. The staff was helpful in taking our luggage. I was hoping I wouldn’t fall down on the stairs while moving to the new room.

The new room is called Butterfly Pee. Everything is same except there is no view. When you are at the balcony, you will be facing the wall of the other building. On the right there are some local houses I think. On the left is another wall. I am more than happy to get this room as everything is functional but I was just wondering, is this what happens when you have advance booking, especially booking more than one hotel one the same chain?


Swimming pool

The location of GBR is very good. It is few minutes’ walk to the Hard Rock Angkor (café & shop) which was just opened in mid-June! We were so excited to visit Hard Rock, more on that in my next post. Back to this resort, it is about 5 minutes’ walk to the old market, Pub Street and the night market. In terms of the resort location, it is very convenient spot.  You can walk around for food and perhaps some drinks. Also shopping for souvenirs and local goods are very convenient. The Siam Reap road traffic is less chaotic than Phnom Penh.

Oh yea, there is another hotel with similar name right next to this one. When we reached the hotel, one of the staff checked with us on the exact hotel name before ushering us to the reception, which was a good thing. We were actually at the wrong hotel. Changing the name will be a good idea for everyone. And, another thing, what do they mean by “Strict child policy”? Don’t get me wrong, one of the reasons why I booked the hotel as it ‘seemed’ like an adult hotel hence no kids around but obviously I was wrong. I find it a bit too noisy.


The view of the resort from Sandlewood room.

So did I enjoy my stay at Golden Banana Resort? Actually I did. The bed and pillows are comfortable and its clean. It is located on the good area for us to explore the town, especially in the evening. I was unhappy with the whole problem with the AC and with the fact that they fully booked hence getting another room was a challenge. The staffs are generally pleasant.

Review of Rambutan Resort Phnom Penh Cambodia

We stayed at Rambutan Resort during our trip to Phnom Penh. With the help of the reviewers in Trip Advisor, we went ahead with this resort. It’s actually a small resort, some would call it boutique resort. Prior of the trip, I have emailed the hotel regarding the availability etc and they were very efficient in responding to my emails.


Entrance of Rambutan Resort.


Reception area of Rambutan Resort.

We arrived around 8+AM at Rambutan. We had a welcome drink and cold towel as refreshment. After registration, one of the staff gave us a short ‘briefing’ on the resort where about, hotel policies, the surrounding tourist attractions areas and gave us a map. Should you need tuk tuk or private taxi service, they will be happy to assist in arranging for one.  I find this to be useful.

Once that is done, we were shown to our room. To my surprise, they upgraded our room from Standard to Deluxe Garden which comes with private garden and outdoor bathtub. How cool is that!


Room key of Rambutan Resort. No way you can loose this! 🙂


Our room @ Rambutan Resort.


Our room @ Rambutan Resort.


Our room @ Rambutan Resort. Private garden with bathtub.


Our room @ Rambutan Resort.


Our room @ Rambutan Resort.


Our room @ Rambutan Resort.

The room seems to have clean and minimal concept.  The room was very clean, spacious, has open wardrobe, bath with rain shower, TV, air conditioner, mini bar, jug kettle, coffee & tea amenity, 2 bottles of drinking water (refilled everyday) and FREE wifi throughout resort. The bed was very comfortable and comes with soft & hard illow.

We also enjoy free breakfast. It is not a typical buffet offering however they serve breakfast set which comes with juice, coffee / tea, dessert and off course your choice of breakfast menu.


Breakfast @ Rambutan Resort.


Our room @ Rambutan Resort.

There is a pool for those who love hanging out by the pool side or taking a dip after venturing out in Phnom Penh.


Rambutan Resort.


Rambutan Resort.

The staffs are friendly yet professional. I think one of the things that I really like about the resort is the hospitality rendered by the staffs. They make you feel welcome and every time I come back to the resort after being out for the whole day, it felt like coming back ‘home’.

The resort is located in town but not in most central area of Phnom Penh which is actually a good thing. I feel the central town is ‘congested’ and heavy traffic. There are some local restaurants just outside the resort which opens from noon till late night. Should you crave for some café food, etc you can walk to street 51, which is about 10 minutes’ walk.  On our 1st day, we did the walking to street 51. Just be careful as the road traffic can be hectic especially during the rush hours. Don’t fancy walking, you can always get a tuk tuk to bring you there for about USD3.00. This is the rate we paid during our stay there. Where to get a tuk tuk? Don’t worry as there are few waiting outside the hotel. Just inform the resort staff, they will assist you.

Rambutan PP

Map of Rambutan Resort.

Overall, I am very happy with my stay at Rambutan. Why? Awesome hotel with heartfelt service. This is how hospitality should be!