The Spring Garden, Suria KLCC

Who doesn’t fancy dim sum? It is one of my favourite Chinese food to have at any time of the day. The Spring Garden is part of Tai Thong Group. They have a few restaurants which are serves pork-free dishes which is ideal for me. This is not my first visit here as I have been here on numerous occasions.


On this visit, I have ordered numerous dim sum items. To be honest, I can’t recall the names for each respective items. But it’s safe to say that I have tried nearly 90% of the dim sum menu.


So what do I think? Well I like the food here as it is not too oily. The ingredients are super fresh, especially when it comes to seafood such as prawns. The portion is decent and for some can be pretty big for some dishes but in all its satisfying.


The wait time for your food can be a little bit long when it is crowded or during weekend. But so far i have never had any problem as we normally place our dim sum orders in batches, so there’s always food on our table.


The price is a little bit higher than your typical dim sum restaurant. No issues for me since this is a Chinese restaurant in located KLCC, what do you expect? Will be returning soon! Yummm 🙂

How would I rate them? The atmosphere 4/5, Service 4/5, F&B 4/5.

Where at? Lot 413 & 414, 4th Floor Suria KLCC, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.


Nana’s Green Tea; Impressive drinks and desserts!

Nana’s Green Tea is a Japanese restaurant. I have always wanted to try out the food here and finally manage to do so recently. This outlet which I have visited is located on the lower ground floor of The Gardens Mall (Midvalley). Recently they have opened another outlet in Midvalley however on 3rd floor, near to GSC cinema which focuses on drink and desserts.

The concept of the restaurant is clean and modern take of Japanese food outlet. The staffs are dressed in white t-shirt which is pretty classic to me. So what do they serve? Off course it’s all about Japanese food! They do serve a long range of Matcha green tea drinks and desserts.

After checking out the menu, we decided to go ahead with Chicken Nanban (Crispy deep fried chicken fillet served with warm millet rice garnished with red leaf lettuce, broccoli, tomato, potato salad and tartar sauce), Locomoco Hamburg (chicken patty served with millet rice, with homemade tomato locomoco sauce, garnished with red leaf lettuce, capsicum, broccoli and Japanese style poached egg).  We had a drink; Matcha Shiratama float and a dessert Matcha Nama Chocolate Parfait.


Chicken Nanban


Locomoco Hamburg

The Chicken Nanban was nice. The deep fried chicken fillet is not too oily and it was cooked perfectly. The millet rice was nice and it was filling. Meanwhile the Locomoco Hamburg dish was average. I didn’t really taste much of chicken in the patty which was overpowered with potato. The sauce was a bit too sour for my taste.

I really enjoyed the Matcha Shiratama as the matcha taste creamy yet full of green tea goodness.


Matcha Shiratama

The dessert Matcha Nama Chocolate Parfait was really good. You will find layers of Kanten jelly, matcha syrup, soft serve vanilla ice cream, layer of cornflakes, matcha ice creams, matcha chocolate ganache and red bean paste. I don’t think I ever had any green tea based dessert as much of green tea as this but I loved it!


Matcha Nama Chocolate Parfait. How can you resist this! Slurrp!

The staffs were friendly and they were efficient. I would highly recommend this place for the Matcha drinks and desserts. I didn’t really fancy the food however it might differ to you. One thing for sure, I will be back soon for the green tea desserts! muaahahaha

Am I having post-holiday depression?

My dream trip to Europe ended in late June (sob sob…), which was about 2 weeks ago. The holiday was fantastic and I have managed to cover all the places that I wanted in less than 3 weeks time. I managed to explore London, Brussels, Venice, Milan, Zermatt + Matterhorn, Geneva, Barcelona and Paris. It was pretty mind blowing to experience so many different culture, people, food (lots of this!) and weather in such short period of time.

04Jun KLIA01

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

04Jun KLIA02

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

I was lucky enough not to have any unpleasant experience throughout my holiday. I did do a fair amount of research online and some reading too, to understand things especially how things work in those places. I wanted to have some amount of knowledge and understanding of the culture so I would be somewhat prepared. But i got to say, there are so much things online now compared to those days. You can practically do nearly everything online now with the power of internet.

04Jun KLIA05

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

04Jun MAS03

Tracking of the flight.

Anyway all I think about now is the holiday I had in June. Nearly every day I think of some part of my holiday in Europe. I am not too sure whether it is normal? It seems to me that I am over doing it. Perhaps. Meanwhile, I have crossed few places from my travel bucket list for sure. Meanwhile I wonder how long does this post-holiday thing will be going on? Grrr

21Jun MAS02

Looking out from the windows of Malaysia Airlines A380! I love this plane!.. 🙂

Jamaica Blue Coffee at Midvalley Mall Kuala Lumpur

I was craving for coffee and I wanted to try something new. Since Midvalley has numerous coffee places and I bumped into Jamaica Blue which is located at South wing of the mall. This outlet has been here since 2014 however this will be my first visit here.


It’s an open kiosk concept café located on the 1st floor, near to Metrojaya. The location is pretty easy to spot on. The concept of the outlet seems minimal yet cosy. I approached the staff to place an order. If you can see on the menu, there are two blends available. Normal blend and another one is Wallenford which is their signature blend which carries premium pricing.

I ordered a large flat white (RM18), chilled long black (RM12) and crunchy Nutella cake (RM16.50), I mean who doesn’t like Nutella! So, once you place the orders, the drinks will be sent to your table.




We only waited for a few minutes to get all our orders. The flat white was hot when it was served. The coffee was good but I find it a bit too milky, maybe it’s just me. The chilled long black was not impressive as it felt diluted. The cake was not interesting as I hoped it would be. To be very honest, I didn’t taste the nutella flavour and no crunchiness found anywhere.

So, how was the experience? The service was okay. The staff did no promoting their signature blend at all or mini-education / promoting their signature coffee bean from Jamaica. They definitely need to think of something to stand out from the many other coffee outlets. The coffee itself was okay.


Visited in May 2015. How would I rate them? The atmosphere 3/5, Service 2.5/5, F&B 3/5.

Review of Nong & Jimmy Seafood. Finger licking seafood!

I have been coming here for years now (since late 90s) and I do come over every now and then, always finding a reason for come here! LOL

The crowd can be overwhelming during weekend so if possible do come early, ideally by 7 pm. If you late, you will notice there will be a long queue and people will stand close to your table waiting for you to finish you meals which can be a bit uncomfortable at times. One more thing, dont expect a fancy restaurant. Its a typical road side seafood restaurant.

Parking is ample here.


Nong & Jimmy Seafood. These sauces are damn good!


Nong & Jimmy Seafood

So what do you expect from there, after all its a seafood restaurant. Well, you are wrong! The seafood here is do damn good!


Thai steamed fish.


Grilled cockles


Black Pepper crab

On this visit, we ordered Thai steamed fish, grilled cockles, black pepper crab, grilled squid, butter prawns, seafood fried rice and stir-fried kailan. Everything was good! Yummm! I do have to say that the seafood served here are fresh. Everything is cooked upon order so the dishes are hot when its served.


Seafood fried rice


Grilled squid


Butter prawns


Stir fried kailan

Like I said, everything is good here. The squid is good too although some people may not like the ‘rubbery’ feel of the squid as it is grilled. The black pepper crab is one of the best out there. We were happy with the taste of the food and portion of the food. Also, the food here is fresh and reasonable price! All these food for the 3 of us! Burrp!

We been coming here for years now and definitely will be returning again soon! I do note that the service can be poor during the busy days. I hope they could do something about it!


The damage!

Where at: Lot 27363 Jalan Cahaya 1, Taman Cahaya, Ampang.

Visited in March 2014. How would I rate them? The atmosphere: 3.5 / 5, Service: 3.5 / 5, F&B: 5 / 5 (Scale 1 to 5, 5 being the highest score).

Kaffa Espresso Bar Damansara Uptown ; An average experience for me…

I wanted to try out this place so much after reading lots of good reviews on TA. So I was in Damansara Uptown area and decided to give it a try! The deco of the café is quite cosy and feels good. The decoration is done well, simple yet pleasant.

We walked in and sat for a few minutes but no one attended to us. Then we ask the lady at the counter who seemed busy preparing some drinks, she told us that we need to place our orders at the counter and they will deliver the food to us. Ok, that’s the first turn-off.

We ordered lamb shoulder, char-grilled chicken burger, a long black coffee and a peanut butter mille crepe for dessert. The Chinese lady who was at the counter did recommend few items when we asked her on the signature dish.


Our food came in about 10-15 minutes. The lamb shoulder had a strong lamb smell but looked good. It turned out to be quite tough and chewy. The lamb was served with mashed potato and salad.


As for the chicken burger, the meat was cooked well however could have been better if flavoured well with herbs & spices. It was a piece of breast meat hence it was a bit tough. The burger bun was toasted however it was toasted too long as end up being so crispy on most part of the buns. The burger came with mashed potato and salad as well. Hmmm burger served with mash potato? I don’t think it’s a good combination!


Moving on….the black coffee was okay. The peanut butter crepe cake was so so only. You can taste the peanut butter however it was very mild and more like crème.



I would say the food that we had was average standard. Service was ok but expected friendlier service since it a non-chain café. Just before we leave, I had to use the washroom. Generally it was clean however the awful smell was overpowering. Thank god I had my meal before going to washroom otherwise it will be such a turn-off. The price is reasonable however I think there are much better choices for such price range cafe which offers better choices of f&b.

IMG_1049 IMG_1046

Visited in July 2013. How would I rate them? The atmosphere 3.5/5, Service 3/5, F&B 3.5/5.

Where at: 97G Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Uptown, 47400 PJ.

Pleasant Italian food @ icook Italian Gastronomia PJ

We were at 32Square PJ for dinner and spotted this restaurant. It was on a weekday so the place seems pretty quiet. Anyway, we decided to give it a try since I love Italian food.




We were served with complimentary bread which is quite common in most Italian restaurant. The food was served fast, probably because not many diners at that point of time.We ordered Aglio olio seafood, Quattro Stagioni pizza, coke and iced latte.

The spaghetti was nice, sufficient portion and not too oily. Whats in the seafood pasta? Well there was one mussel, few pieces of squid and prawns. The prawns in the pasta are so tiny however it was fresh.


The pizza is quite unique as it comes as square shaped. The pizza taste good however find it a bit bland and lack of flavour like herbs, etc. The portion of the pizza is more than sufficient for 2 guys.


The food was prepared fresh and not the ‘microwave’ version which I am pleased. The service is efficient. I like the concept of the restaurant as it looked pleasant and fresh.


Visited in October. How would I rate them? The atmosphere 3.5/5, Service 4/5, F&B 4/5.

Where at: Block B-06-01, 3 Two Square, Jalan 19/1, Petaling Jaya