Decent place for a quick fix of local cuisine.

This review is based on my dining experience at Nyonya Colors outlet in Gardens Mall (Midvalley), Kuala Lumpur.

So what is Nyonya food? Nonya cooking is the result of blending Chinese ingredients with various distinct spices and cooking techniques used by the Malay community. This gives rise to Peranakan interpretations of Malay food that is similarly tangy, aromatic, spicy and herbal. In other instances, the Peranakans have adopted Malay cuisine as part of their taste palate, such as assam fish and beef rendang. It is a popular cuisine among the locals.

Firstly, it’s not easy to get a table here during weekends. We were here early so we were able to get a table and have breakfast here, ‘Malaysian’ breakfast. The chairs and tables here are following the old kopitiam style (small but sturdy).

We had kopi (local coffee) with half-boiled eggs, toast bread, meehoon siam, kuih talam (famous nyonya dessert) and karipap (curry puff).


Breakfast @ Nyonya Colors


Breakfast @ Nyonya Colors

The price is ‘ok’ however some items are expensive. One piece of karipap will cost you RM1.85, that’s inclusive of GST. The portion is small or shall I say sufficient for breakfast portion. If you are a big eater, please get something on the side. I would say the food is tasty and they offer pretty much Malaysian food with nyonya influence. Don’t expect to be seated long and have a ‘catch up’ time with your friends here as it can get crowded and there you can spot a queue for table. Overall, a place that I will return for local food.


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