AirBnb??? This is my first experience and it was awesome!

Do you know that Airbnb has been around since 2008? I didn’t realise that they have been operating for that long! Over here (Malaysia) Airbnb gain popularity only in the recent years. So, when I was planning for Europe trip in June 2015, I was curious to try out Airbnb. After reading up a little bit I was determined to book at least one place out of 7 cities that I was planning to travel. Are you curious on what is AirBnb is all about? Well, let’s say it’s about renting someone’s home. Anything from renting a room, apartment, house or even a villa.


Da Francesca AirBnb


Da Francesca AirBnb

I booked a studio apartment in Milan for 2-nights accommodation. I was more comfortable in having the whole place to me rather than having a room in an apartment, etc. So this place that I booked in Milan seemed convenient in terms of the location and reasonable price. At least it was much cheaper than booking a 2 or 3 star hotel in Milan. Accommodations in Italy has never been cheap anyway. My communications to the owner has been positive as well.


Da Francesca AirBnb

Our train ride from Venice to Milan was delayed for about 30minutes which resulted with us arriving late. The owner contacted us to make sure everything was ok. She waited for us to arrive as she wanted to brief us about the place. It was an easy walk from the Milan train station to the apartment. We took about 15minutes time to reach here. The owner: Francesca showed us her place and briefly explained to us what’s around the area. I was pretty impressed with the apartment as it was pretty huge and super clean.


Da Francesca AirBnb

As we discover the surrounding area, it was exactly what we wanted; to be near to shopping places and eateries. This apartment is located on ‘via san gregorio’ which is a street away from ‘Corso Buenos Aires’ which is a major street in Milan and has lots of shopping places.  The train or tram stops are pretty nearby. We pretty much walked during our time in Milan enjoying the view of the city.


Da Francesca AirBnb

It’s a pity that we didn’t have more time to spend in Milan, it’s a fast moving city with lots of fashion and style. A good place for shopping and people watching.

Have you AirBnb-ed? I would love to hear your comments on the experience of it.


6 thoughts on “AirBnb??? This is my first experience and it was awesome!

  1. I’ve never Air B&B’d before, but I really want to now – I’ve heard SO many good things about it and it seems so much cheaper than hotels – did you find that to be true as well?


    • Hi there, thanks for reading up my post. Yes, it can be cheaper with the comfort of a private residence. Its wise to read up the reviews and make judgement on what you read before taking up a place. In my case, the location & price was the main factor of choosing AirBnb.. 🙂 Glad I had a good experience. I may consider AirBnb for my future travels.

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