Absolutely worth it! @ Pontini, Venice Italy

When we were in Venice, we noticed that many restaurants that are operating around the attractions are very ‘touristy’. In fact, some of them are managed by non-Italian. I have nothing against it but I was curious in trying out Venetian cuisine. I spoke to the hotel staff and we were recommended of this restaurant as an authentic Venetian restaurant.


Pontini outdoor seating


Pontini Menu



So we planned it out and came here for dinner, at around 7pm. Despite thinking we arrived early, there were other people in the queue waiting for a table. We waited for about 15-minutes time before being seated. You probably end up sitting very close to another table as they try to accommodate the customers.


Spritz and a coke.


Breads and crackers

Its obvious that it is a small restaurant and a family owned business. Despite being busy, the staffs were pleasant and friendly throughout our dinner.




Scallop Mushroom Pasta


I had a set meal consist of salad, seafood fritters and fish lasagna. My partner had a scallop mushroom pasta. For the first time in my life I am having fish lasagna and loved it. For dessert, we had tiramisu.


Seafood fritters


Fish Lasagna

I have to say that everything tasted so good, fresh and made upon order. I can understand the wait time required for the food preparation however it is totally worth it.  I highly recommend this place especially if you are looking for an authentic experience. Wish I had known this place a little bit sooner. 



Where at: Cannaregio 1268, Venezia. Telephone: 041/714123

Visited in June 2015. How would I rate them? The atmosphere 4.5/5, Service 4.5/5, F&B 5/5.


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