Fritland… A world of fritters!

That basically fritter land for you and me. And a famous one!


03 Fritland

Fritland basically showed up whenever I search for ‘must eat in Brussels’ so I decided to give it a try when Im there. Mind you, Belgium claims that fries originated from here. So, over here they sell lots of fries, sandwich, sausage and more fried stuffs which are at affordable price. You can have it for a quick bite or for a meal.




Fritland. Its chicken but cant remember what its called.


Fritland chicken sandwich with half baguette.

It’s pretty much operates like a fast food restaurant concept where you place your orders at the counter and pay for it. You wait and collect your food from the counter.It can get quite crowded at certain times but that is expected as it is well known. How they serve their sandwich is very unique, fries are in your sandwich rather than on the side. But it tasted good! And pretty cheap too.

Where at: 49 Rue Henri Maus, Brussels 1000, Belgium

Visited in June 2015. How would I rate them? The atmosphere 3/5, Service 3/5, F&B 4/5.


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