Jamaica Blue Coffee at Midvalley Mall Kuala Lumpur

I was craving for coffee and I wanted to try something new. Since Midvalley has numerous coffee places and I bumped into Jamaica Blue which is located at South wing of the mall. This outlet has been here since 2014 however this will be my first visit here.


It’s an open kiosk concept café located on the 1st floor, near to Metrojaya. The location is pretty easy to spot on. The concept of the outlet seems minimal yet cosy. I approached the staff to place an order. If you can see on the menu, there are two blends available. Normal blend and another one is Wallenford which is their signature blend which carries premium pricing.

I ordered a large flat white (RM18), chilled long black (RM12) and crunchy Nutella cake (RM16.50), I mean who doesn’t like Nutella! So, once you place the orders, the drinks will be sent to your table.




We only waited for a few minutes to get all our orders. The flat white was hot when it was served. The coffee was good but I find it a bit too milky, maybe it’s just me. The chilled long black was not impressive as it felt diluted. The cake was not interesting as I hoped it would be. To be very honest, I didn’t taste the nutella flavour and no crunchiness found anywhere.

So, how was the experience? The service was okay. The staff did no promoting their signature blend at all or mini-education / promoting their signature coffee bean from Jamaica. They definitely need to think of something to stand out from the many other coffee outlets. The coffee itself was okay.


Visited in May 2015. How would I rate them? The atmosphere 3/5, Service 2.5/5, F&B 3/5.


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