My dream trip… here I come Europe!

I am all excited that I have confirmed by flight booking to London in June. Six more weeks to go people! I have done some thinking and planning, I will be doing a bit of tour in Western Europe. I will be heading Brussels, Venice, Milan, Zermatt, Geneva, Barcelona, Paris and back to London. I wanted to go to Lisbon but don’t think i will have sufficient time.

So if you are any good suggestions, please share it with me!
Europe Map


6 thoughts on “My dream trip… here I come Europe!

  1. Ohh HOW EXCITING!! How long are you away for all up?? My only other suggestion if you haven’t been before would be Rome and/or Florence.. two of my favourite cities in the world 🙂 Can’t wait to see what Brussels and Geneva are like!

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    • Hi Jess, i would be traveling for about 15days. I would agree with you that Florence is a beautiful city and a must see place. I have been to Rome and Florence previously. So this time im skipping those places and squeezing in new ones. Will keep you posted ya.. 😉

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