Worthy Book… Pretty awesome!

Have you heard of Worthy Book? To be honest, I have never heard of it until I saw it on the coffee table at home the other day (which belongs to my sister). Since she wasn’t there at that point of time, I took the liberty to check it out. Although the cover of the book made it obvious that the content is meant for ladies but I have I couldn’t resist my curiosity. The first few pages of the book was the content which is sorted by category, by area and by malls which is actually pretty cool. I mean it makes life so easier to see what is going on where instead of flipping to here and there.


The Worthy Book

So, my curiosity became greater as I am keen to know what the hype is all about. I as run through few pages, I notice that the book offers lots of vouchers. There are a few type of vouchers, some gives you free gift (with or without purchase), some with discount value up to 60%, free memberships, buy1-free1 offers, rebate vouchers and more which seems like good offer. Some of the brands featured here are well known brands such as Yves Rocher, Celebrity Fitness, Skinlab, The Body Shop and Jojoba Spa.


The Worthy Book


The Worthy Book

A few voucher caught my attention however I immediately liked what Himalaya was offering on their shampoo. Since my current shampoo is running low and obviously I need to get one soon, why not grab it now since the voucher offers a good deal; buy a shampoo (400ml) and get a bottle of FREE hair conditioner (200ml)! Hmmm that’s like a good deal right. Next step, to get permission from my sis that I am taking her voucher! Lol


Himalaya Voucher from the Worthy Book

I was at Midvalley the other day so I went to Himalaya’s outlet which is located on the lower ground floor, in between Sushi King and Teppanyaki. I informed the staff that I would like to get some recommendation on the shampoo and she assisted me accordingly as I am new to their brand. Then I showed her the voucher and she assisted me to get the conditioner. I paid RM27.40 for the shampoo and got the conditioner FREE, which is selling at RM27.40 as well! Wow, that’s a good deal ha! If I would have bought without the Worthy Book voucher I would have paid RM54.80. The whole process of using the voucher was easy and the outlet staff seemed familiar on the voucher.


Himalaya Store at Midvalley.


Tadaa.. my shampoo and free conditioner! 🙂


The bill from Himalaya. Savings of RM27.40!

I shared my experience with my sis and told her that I have just saved RM27.40 by using one voucher. She was not too impressed as she has been enjoying all the saving all this while! Hmmm… One can get the Worthy Book for a small amount of RM25.00 (I mean that’s all?, sounds reasonable to me) Can you imagine much saving one could have by just using these Worthy Book vouchers? I mean despite the fact that you need to pay for it, it still gives you a lot of bang for your money. Definitely a WORTHY BOOK!

p/s – in case you are wondering how and where to get the Worthy Book, check them out at: worthybook.blogspot.com or facebook.com/worthybook or worthybook in instagram. Or just google la..


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