Fancy a garden cafe? Then go to Ferringhi Coffee Garden at Penang!

If you are looking for a nice café with a real garden with live plants then you would definitely love this place! The set-up of this café is fantastic and so refreshing to be here. This place is located at Batu Ferringhi area, somewhere in between Parkroyal Hotel and a Mosque.


Ferringhi Coffee Garden


We were here at around 8+am to have breakfast and off course to avoid the ‘crowd’. Anyway as I enter the place I immediately like it. The place looks so fresh, serene and beautifully decorated with orchids! (I mean who doesn’t like orchids).

Since we were here pretty early on a Sunday, there were only one more table occupied. Customers started coming in after we were there.

Here is the menu. Looks pretty limited however covering the meals throughout the day.


Ferringhi Coffee Garden

Both of us ordered FCG Breakkie which is priced at RM29.80 each. The breakkie is actually a sausage (you can choose chicken or beef sausage), 2 eggs, beef bacon, grilled tomatoes, roasted thyme potato with grana padano, a slice of daily toast. For our drinks, we had café latte which is RM9.80 each.


Ferringhi Coffee Garden.


FCG Breakkie.

So how did I like my Breakkie? Well, it was good but… my sunny side up eggs were a bit oily. The sausage is actually made fresh and not the typical sausage which was good. It was heavily spiced but I liked it. The salad was nice but didn’t like the ‘soy sauce’ touch, a bit too salty for me on salad. The roasted potato was a disappointment. I find it to be tasting like cold potato salad with curry flavoured dressing. Not too sure which part of it was prepared with grana padano. The portion is good and sufficient for me as a big breakfast meal.

IMG_3416 IMG_3424 IMG_3429

The service was good and efficient however not friendly. The only word spoken was when our orders were taken. I really like this place and may be returning soon to try out some other dishes. The environment of the café is nice and find it to be very soothing. I just hope the service staff are warmer in future. As for the price, it is slightly high but easily acceptable. Be aware that they have a sister outlet called Ferringhi Garden.

Its looks lovely isnt it.. 🙂

Visited in February 2015. How would I rate them? The atmosphere 5/5, Service 4/5, F&B 3./5.


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