Magnum Cafe, Midvalley Kuala Lumpur

A Magnum café? Cool! I can’t imagine what would be offered here and the varieties of magnum ice cream that would be available. For a short period of time, my imagination went wild! Anyway, the 1st Magnum Café in Malaysia is Midvalley which was officially launched on 14th November 2014. Since it’s so new, the queue to get in here is so long!!! Seriously!


The Queue fr Magnum Cafe


The Queue fr Magnum Cafe


Magnum Cafe


Anyway despite the long queue, I managed to try out this place on last weekend. Guess how long I had to queue to try it out? It’s almost 1.5hours. I cant imagine what I do for the sake of food! Haha


Make my Magnum…


Make my Magnum…


Magnum Cafe


Anyway, for the benefit for the people, this is what happens in the cafe.

  • First, pay for your ice cream, its RM9.90 each.
  • 2nd, You will need to choose the flavour of your ice-cream; classic vanilla or the chocolate brownie.
  • 3rd, Choose your toppings (wisely). You can combine up to 3 types of the toppings.
  • Wait for your Magnum to be prepared. It takes about 2-minutes for the ice-cream to be ready!
  • Enjoy your personalized Magnum ice-cream! Make sure you take lots of photos of your FB, Instagram, Twitter, bla bla bla…

The chocolate to dip your icecream!


The Magnum Cafe.


The toppings available…


My Magnum!

I had vanilla ice-cream dipped in milk chocolate, coated with rose petals, freeze dried raspberry and almond, drizzled with dark chocolate.


The other Magnum hehe


You can also choose from the pre-set Magnum that is available, such as Sweet Fantasy, Pop Attack, Cookie Monster, etc.

So, did I like it? Off course, who wouldn’t? Would I come here again? Well, I would but next time I would like to try out the café food and desserts.  The make your own magnum is nice but not that fantastic, especially after the long queue and drooling over the ice cream.


Bling Bling Magnum decor


Wall decor.. its all about Magnum!


The damage!


Wall deco, made using the magnum ice-cream sticks!



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