I never thought I would write about Ghee! Hmm but here it goes…

What is Ghee? A type of clarified butter, is prepared by simmering butter and removing the residue. The texture, color, and taste of ghee depend on the quality of the butter and the duration of the boiling.

Ghee is very commonly used in Indian cuisine. So naturally during the Deepavali celebration, the consumption of ghee is high. In my case, we have bought few cans of QBB and found out one of them looked spoiled, based on the color and smell of it. As usual, my mother didn’t think of complaining on this matter as she thought it wouldn’t make any difference. If you have bought ghee, then would know that it can be quite expensive. A can of 400 gram ghee can easily cost you RM26-30. I wanted to give my feedback to this company so they could investigate on this matter. I thought, perhaps another customer would have complained. Or they could stay on alert if there are any complaints in future. How did channel my feedback? I Google them, found the corporate site and emailed them with all the photos.


Almost pale ghee!


I received a reply within 24-hours from their Singapore office. I was advised that the Malaysian counterpart will be looking into this matter and someone would be contacting me soon. At this point, I was just glad that somebody will be looking into this. After a few days, no emails or calls from them so I thought, at least I informed them on the matter and hopefully they check and rectify the problem.

After nearly one week, someone called me regarding the above matter. We meet up the next day and given them the spoiled can of ghee. After a short Q&A session, they provided me a replacement can of ghee, actually it was 2 cans as a gesture of goodwill. Apparently that particular can of ghee that I have bought is from a stolen shipment meant for export market. And it has been exposed under extreme sort of weather hence that explains the change of color and smell of the product. How shocking is that!

I am impressed with the whole service provided by QBB staffs, namely Mr Lim, Mr Eric and Ms Mei Kuan to sort this out. Well done QBB! Awesome customer service! My mum will be very happy to see this later! She will definitely happy to be your unofficial brand ambassador of QBB ghee.


The replacement product. A nice gesture from QBB!


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