Thai food at Fa Ying, Paradigm Mall PJ

I was in Paradigm mall and decided to have dinner at Fa Ying. It was raining earlier so the thought of having hot tom soup in that cold weather is nice.

Fa Ying does serve set menu for dinner however I wanted to try something else. So after browsing the menu, we ordered Seafood tom yam soup (RM16), Roasted Duck Red Curry with Lychee (RM18) and mix vegetables (RM16) and rice.


Yummy seafood tom yam soup.


The food was prepared quite fast and was served hot. The tom soup is good, they always have been. The mix vegetable was fine. The duck red curry is very good! The curry had had the right consistency and thickness (not diluted), well-seasoned and spiced, the chunks of roasted duck swimming in the curry was perfect and somewhat tender. The hint of the lychee in the curry sounded a bit weird for me but it all blended really well. The lychee didn’t influence the curry by being too sweet which can overkill curry taste.


Mix Vege


The delicious Roasted Duck Red Curry


We shared these foods with 2 people. I think it can even be shared with 3 or even 4 (obviously this applies to non-big eaters). The service was so so on this day despite not being busy day. The food seems good for me to resist not coming here for a meal.

Oh yea, Fa Ying is running a contest where a lucky winner will be sent on holiday to Phuket Thailand! Who doesn’t love holidays! Hmm I’m keeping my fingers crossed although I know the slogan that I have filled up on the submission form is for sure lousy lol.

Visited in October 2014. How would I rate them? The atmosphere 4/5, Service 3.5/5, F&B 4/5.


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