Happy Birthday to me!

Well, its that time of the year where I always wonder whats gonna happen on my birthday. Well, I am not expecting any miracle to happen but I suppose, like most people I was expecting pleasant things to take place on that day…14th November. 

The surprise celebration at my office was fantastic. My team had the whole area decorated with balloons which they decorated yesterday evening, right after I finished work. My workstation was nicely decorated. It was a little bit over the top but somehow it made me happy! I had breakfast together with my team, followed with cake cutting, followed with pot-luck style lunch cooked by my team. Followed with gifts. Wow…I felt blessed and it was very very nice of them to do all these. On another note, I received a bouquet of roses from that someone which made me blush the whole day. I practically had mini interview sessions the whole day Lol.

After work, went out for dinner at my favourite Italian restaurant called Prego at Westin Hotel Kuala Lumpur. I have been here many times and every time is a good time here.

Anyhow, I had awesome day on my birthday. Not just because of the lovely gifts but because I know that there are people who cares about me. That’s all that matters, that you matters to someone else… 🙂

IMG_2540 IMG_2542 IMG_2543 IMG_2553 IMG_2555IMG_2565 IMG_2574


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