Legend’s Briyani… A clay pot version!

Briyani is an Indian cuisine and well known dish in many countries.

Its rice (normally basmati rice) cooked with Indian spices such as ghee, cloves, cardamom, coriander, ginger, etc. It is also common to serve non-vegetarian version which mostly served with chicken, mutton, prawns, etc. Its common to serve briyani with curry or kurma, boiled egg, salad and papadam. You can find many variation of briyani available out there.



Legend Briyani has a new outlet in Kelana Jaya which is close to my work place. I have never heard of them prior to this but I was told that they are famous for the claypot briyani and have been around for years. So I guess I had to try it!

On my first visit, I tried the claypot chicken briyani. Its briyani rice layered with seasoned chicken. It seems to me that the briyani has been pre-cooked and it’s being cooked ‘well’ in a clay pot upon order. So its really hot when its being served!

The taste of briyani is good and it is well seasoned, not too heavy with spices. The chicken pieces (boneless) are tender and juicy. My only feedback would be to add some ‘moisture’ in the rice as I find it too dry.  Its served with cucumber raita (cubes of cucumber with yogurt and onions), curry and papadam.


I think the briyani here is good and well spiced. Most of the restaurants tends to ‘spice up’ the briyani until it is too over-powering with spices which I dislike.

Don’t fancy briyani? Well they do serve banana-leave rice, thosai, puri, fried noodle and so on, just like an Indian restaurant. The price is also following ‘restaurant’ standard so you might find it ‘slightly’ more than the typical outlets. I do have to say, this outlet in KJ is very clean and well ventilated. The food seems good and worth paying.

Oh yea, I love the nescafe Tarik here. Very kow! Hehe


They have set meals for lunch which starts from RM5+ which is a good deal. I have been here on numerous occasions which are during lunch hours.

Anyway, if you are craving for some briyani or indian food and happens to be in Kelana Jaya, why not give Legend a try!


Visited in 2014. How would I rate them? (Scale 1 to 5, 5 being the highest score). The atmosphere: 4 / 5, Service: 4 / 5, F&B: 4 / 5.

P/s – some of these images are taken from their official site: http://www.legendsclaypotbriyani.com


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