Krabi…The story of day two!

Day two at Krabi. We have booked for elephant ride and ATV ride for today. We had breakfast at hotel and waited for our transport which arrived on time. Despite being to Thailand for many times, this will be my first time trying out these activities.


Me in the tuk-tuk which is the transport of the day!

The driver picked up other guest from surrounding area before heading on our journey to the elephant ride. It took about 1hour 30minutes for us to reach here. For obvious reason, the elephant ride is located in jungle where elephant feel most comfortable at. Upon arrival we were entertained by a baby elephant show which lasted for about 15minutes. The show was good and the baby elephant was cute. You have an opportunity to take some photos with the baby elephant.


The baby elephant show.


The baby elephant show.

Here comes the actual reason why we came here, for the ride. We got on an adult elephant, looks kind of old. The two of us sat on the back of the elephant and off we go with the ride. It was slow ride but I would say quite bumpy. The ride lasted about 15minutes going through the jungle terrain which was awesome. It’s amazing how such huge animals are able to keep good balance especially when we are on his back. After a while, the elephant that we were on kept pausing his walk, the handler gave him a couple of really hard knock on his head and the elephant started to move. That thing spoiled the whole experience. We felt sorry for the elephant and for the way it’s being treated.  When we got down from it, we bought some bananas to feed the elephant.

Don’t judge me based on this, I was merely curious to try this out since it is being offered here. It’s a one in a lifetime experience and once is enough.


On the elephant..


Our elephant ride.


Feeding the elephant…

Moving on. We headed for the ATV ride which is about 40minutes away from the elephant place. The driver dropped us at the ATV place and told us that he will be back later to pick us up. We got ourselves registered and waited for our turn. This will be our 1st time with ATV ride. We had to sign a consent form and went through ‘trial ride’ before being handed over with a real ATV. My partner had some hiccups with the ATV so he got a ‘milder’ version of the ATV. The journey begins. We were handed with an ATV for each of us and we followed a guide who brought us along the trail which is in jungle! How cool is that! The ride lasted for about 1hour and went through dry and wet terrain and through jungle.  I really enjoyed the ride and it was so much of fun! When we were done, our driver is already there waiting for us. We took our ride back to Ao Nang and stopped for lunch.


The trial track


Me on the ATV


Both of us on ATV…

We decided to treat ourselves with a nice lunch at this posh looking restaurant in Ao Nang. It’s called Tanta Restaurant. We sat and order our food; Pad Thai (I just love this dish), fish cake and a seafood tom yum noodle dish. For our drinks, we had iced tea and coconut shake which was rather refreshing.


Tanta Restaurant


Tanta Restaurant


Tanta Restaurant: Iced Tea & Coconut Shake


Tanta Restaurant: Pad Thai


Tanta Restaurant: Fish cake


Tanta Restaurant: Tom Yam Noodle

Guess what we did after lunch? Well, it’s time for massage! We went to the same place we had massage on the 1st day. This time, I had a full body massage with virgin coconut oil which was really good. It is supposed to be ‘cooling’ for your body.

We were walking back to the hotel after the massage when we bumped into a row of stalls selling snacks in the evening. We couldn’t resist and headed over there to check it out. Apparently most of the stall operators here are Muslim hence the foods are pork-free which is fine with us.


Yummy snacks


Yummy snacks


Yummy snacks: Prawn fritters


Yummy snacks: Fried spring rolls


Coconut water


Pad thai…again! I love this thing.

We headed back to the hotel and had a short rest which lead to a couple of hours of nap time! By the time we got up, I was too lazy to head anywhere. We suppose to hang out for drinks in the town but feeling too lazy. We had our dinner at a small restaurant just beside our hotel and ended our day at Krabi.


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