Krabi…the story of day three!

This is our 3rd day in Krabi and also the last day here. I got up late and had breakfast at the hotel. Didn’t rush at all and taking everything in so slowly. After that, we went for a walk in the town area and the beach front. Everything seem so calm and serene since it was early. A total contrast on how this place would be in the evenings, mostly hectic and noisy or rather ‘happening’. I also notice that there are many shops are being handed over to ‘foreigners’ to run the place which i feel loosing its authenticity. Also, there are many western/Indian/middle eastern eateries here which over shines the local Thai restaurants which i feel rather off odd about. I hope the locals there will put some control on this matter.


Some of the shops which are just opened for business.


At the beach.


At the beach.


At the beach.


Along the beach side.


Shops at Ao Nang..

I stop by and got souvenirs to be brought back home including a few packets of tom yam paste! Which by the way was really good! Haha. Krabi has been a ‘gentle’ trip to unwind and relax in that 3 days time. I managed to do what  I wanted to do, lots of food and massages. The people here has been good to us and shown us what is good hospitality is all about. As usual, I always liked Thailand for the people and how pleasant they are. Hmm which part of Thailand should I visit next?


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