Krabi…The story of day one!

Well, this trip actually happened in April 2014 so you have to pardon me for posting this so late. Anyway, this is summarized version of what did I do in Krabi.

Day One. This will be my last time using the LCCT terminal in KL. Moving forward, all AirAsia flights will be based at KLIA2 which is a brand new airport.


We arrived around 5+am and this how chaotic the LCCT was…


Having my favorite Macchiato at Starbucks!

We flew via Air Asia and arrived in Krabi International Airport at about 7.30am. Since it was early, we decided to take the airport bus to our hotel in Ao Nang. Normally I would have taken a taxi but this time trying something new in Thailand.


Entering Krabi Airport.


Got our tickets for Airport shuttle bus to Ao Nang area.


Thats me.. in front of the Airport shuttle bus.

We arrive at hotel at around 9+am and we managed to check in early which were awesome. You can read about my post on the hotel here:

So, since it was darn early, we just took our time and walked along the main area of Ao Nang. Most of shops were not opened as it was rather early. I have heard and read so many reviews on this ‘pancake’ so when i bumped into one, i decided i have to give it a try. Its very similar to roti canai which is available in Malaysia but this one is thinner and crispy and filled with so many type of fillings. Its a very sweet dessert.


Pancake stall at Ao Nang.


I had the nutella & banana pancake! 🙂

We spotted a massage shop which was just opened and ready to take on customer. We decided to go in for a message.


At the massage place…

After a couple of hours passed by, we were out and feeling hungry so went to have lunch.

After filling our stomachs with spicy and yummy Thai food we decided to head back to the hotel for a rest.


Our lunch.


Our lunch, pineapple fried rice.


Our lunch, tom yam kooong with rice.

We have booked a night market tour through the hotel earlier which cost us 300Baht per person. The tour agent will provide transport from hotel to the night market and return transportation as well. The transport came on time to pick us up and send us to town where the night market is at. You can find variety of local food being sold here along with merchandises. Everything seems to be looking good here in the market that we are so tempted to try out everything. We had dinner at one of the café just around the market.


Tadaa.. the night market!


Krabi night market


Krabi night market


Krabi night market


Dinner near Krabi night market. Padthai noodle.


Dinner near Krabi night market. Tom Yam seafood fried rice.


Bought this at night market. Its sticky rice with mango which was really really good!


Bought this too at night market, its called; meng kam. This was very fresh and really good, and cheap! The best i had!

That concludes the day one @ Krabi!


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