Review of Nong & Jimmy Seafood. Finger licking seafood!

I have been coming here for years now (since late 90s) and I do come over every now and then, always finding a reason for come here! LOL

The crowd can be overwhelming during weekend so if possible do come early, ideally by 7 pm. If you late, you will notice there will be a long queue and people will stand close to your table waiting for you to finish you meals which can be a bit uncomfortable at times. One more thing, dont expect a fancy restaurant. Its a typical road side seafood restaurant.

Parking is ample here.


Nong & Jimmy Seafood. These sauces are damn good!


Nong & Jimmy Seafood

So what do you expect from there, after all its a seafood restaurant. Well, you are wrong! The seafood here is do damn good!


Thai steamed fish.


Grilled cockles


Black Pepper crab

On this visit, we ordered Thai steamed fish, grilled cockles, black pepper crab, grilled squid, butter prawns, seafood fried rice and stir-fried kailan. Everything was good! Yummm! I do have to say that the seafood served here are fresh. Everything is cooked upon order so the dishes are hot when its served.


Seafood fried rice


Grilled squid


Butter prawns


Stir fried kailan

Like I said, everything is good here. The squid is good too although some people may not like the ‘rubbery’ feel of the squid as it is grilled. The black pepper crab is one of the best out there. We were happy with the taste of the food and portion of the food. Also, the food here is fresh and reasonable price! All these food for the 3 of us! Burrp!

We been coming here for years now and definitely will be returning again soon! I do note that the service can be poor during the busy days. I hope they could do something about it!


The damage!

Where at: Lot 27363 Jalan Cahaya 1, Taman Cahaya, Ampang.

Visited in March 2014. How would I rate them? The atmosphere: 3.5 / 5, Service: 3.5 / 5, F&B: 5 / 5 (Scale 1 to 5, 5 being the highest score).


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