Review of Plan B Midvalley. Simple and good!

I have tried the Plan B in Bangsar Village and Midvalley. This review will be based on my dining experience at Midvalley. I have to say I like their concept; simple and clean ‘minimal’ look.


Plan B Midvalley

We had carrot juice, watermelon lychee, soft shell crab pasta and lamb meatball pasta. The carrot juice comes with no sugar which is good. You can request for it to come with milk, mix with other fruit juice ie orange, ice, sugar etc. The Watermelon lychee is watermelon juice being blended with with lychee together with some mint leaves. It was very refreshing.


Watermelon Lychee.


Carrot juice

The soft shell crab is being deep fried and comes with a bed of pasta. The sauce is cream base with a touch of local spices. The taste is nice but I feel the sauce is too ‘diluted’ for me. The pasta is well cooked which seems to be a common ‘issue’ in most restaurant serving pasta, most of the time it’s over ‘cooked’.


Lamb Meatball


Soft Shell Crab Pasta

The lamb meatball is served on a bed of pasta with tomato based sauce. The lamb meatball is cooked well, a bit too soft if you ask me. The flavour of the spices in the meatball is well balanced, doesn’t carry strong smell of lamb. The tomato based pasta is good.


Plan B Menu

Generally the staffs are attentive, food are prepared fast and served fast. Overall, I would say I am happy with my dining experience.

Visited in May 2013. How would I rate them? (Scale 1 to 5, 5 being the highest score). The atmosphere: 4 / 5, Service: 3.5 / 5, F&B: 4 / 5.


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