Good breakfast at Antipodean Midvalley minus the waiting time!


Antipodean Midvalley

Well, this is one of the cafes that I really wanted to try especially with all the reviews online. I was here very early in the AM (10+am on a Sunday, yes it is very early for me!),

I thought why not give it a try.In case you didn’t know, Antipodean now is available at Midvalley.

Despite being ‘early’ we still have to wait for a table. I was waiting for another 2 friends to arrive so I queued for a table. Word of advice, they do not sit incomplete parties so don’t waste too much time queuing if all of you are not here. Anyway, they did put us on the ‘waiting list’. I came back after about 15minutes as all of us are here so we went back to Antipodean and managed to get a spot in few minutes. That’s nice!


Antipodean Midvalley


Antipodean Midvalley

We were seated next to the menu which is on the wall next to us! So guess what? Checking out the food menu which is at the top portion of the menu board can be ‘irritating’.  I wish they had placed it at a more convenient place for all customers. The seating area seems compact hence you probably could hear the next table’s conversation easily which is something not very comforting. Since it’s a Sunday (Merdeka day) perhaps that would explain the overcrowd?

So what did I have? I had Big Breakfast with chicken sausage (RM20). My friends decided to have same dish except theirs were with pork sausage and bacon. As for drinks, we had a flat white (RM9), long black (RM8), orange juice (RM9), and a cappuccino (RM9). Drinking water is served without charge here which is a good thing.


Big Breakfast with chicken sausage


Big Breakfast with bacon.

We only had to wait probably about 5-10 minutes for all our food to be served. Surprising the coffee and drinks took slightly longer time to be prepared which is a bit funny. Anyway we were just glad to get our f&b in reasonable time considering it was pretty packed at that time. The staffs were attentive and quick-moving…or should it be considered ‘rushing!’

The big breakfast is plate of scrambled egg, a chicken sausage, a generous portion of sautéed mushroom, a piece of hash/mash potato and a piece of toast wholemeal bread. Everything seemed well seasoned and tasted good. The chicken sausage is homemade but was slightly salty to my liking. According to my friend, the bacon is not as greasy and tasty as the regular bacon. The portion of the dish is big hence the name ‘big breakfast’. Some of my girlfriends couldn’t finish the dish.


Flat white with art?


Long black

I had a flat white which was just okay. I would say its average tasting and only comes in one size. Since I love coffee I thought I could size it up but they couldn’t. The long black was average too. The orange juice was fresh and served in a decent size glass.

Oh yea.. I did have a peanut brownie cookie which is not very good. Its filled with lots of peanut and tasted like a plain butter cookie.

That was at RM5 for one piece and I think you can skip that one.


Peanut brownie cookie.

So what do I think of my dining at Antipodean? Well, the food was good. The coffee was average. On another note, I didn’t like the feeling of being rushed to clear the table to accommodate the waiting customers. I would like to have my meals without being rushed, especially on a Sunday. The staffs were not ‘rude’ at any time but you get the feeling after they kept asking you ‘would you like to order anything else?’ I might go back if the café is not that busy and if I don’t need to queue that long. The food spreads are mainly on breakfast offerings which may not much if I were to dine at a later time of the day or in the PM. The café environment is simple and nothing to shout about.


Antipodean Midvalley

 Where at? GE-011A Ground Floor Midvalley. Its in between Delicious and Chilis.

Visited in August 2014. How would I rate them? The atmosphere: 3.5 / 5, Service: 4 / 5, F&B: 3.5 / 5 (Scale 1 to 5, 5 being the highest score).


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