Fun and casual dining @ Bubba Gump!


Bubba Gump

Guess what, it’s time for makan! That means time to eat! So here I am @ Bubba Gump Citta Mall for lunch with colleagues. Surprisingly there were not many customers at that time. We were attended almost immediately. The staff looked energetic and lively.

We placed our orders for Scampi pasta (RM32.90), fried chicken (RM27.90), boat trash (RM44.90) which to be shared. As for drinks, we had signature drinks which are Mango Sparkler, Speckled Strawberry and Speckled Blueberry (RM12.90).


Bubba Gump Citta Mall


Bubba Gump Citta Mall

Now, let’s talk the food. We got our food quite fast and the dishes were hot when it was served. Scampi pasta is actually an olio pasta dish with prawns served with a piece of toast bread. The pasta tasted good, well-seasoned and cooked well (al dente). The Prawns were cooked just nice.


Scampi Pasta @ Bubba Gump

The boat trash is a combination of pieces of fish fillet, prawn, lobster tail and fries which are deep fried, Bubba Gump style. Since I have had this dish since the day they been operating here in Malaysia, I ‘feel’ the portion of this dish has gone slightly ‘smaller’.


Boat Trash @ Bubba Gump


The other dish we had was fried chicken served with coleslaw, corn, and a scoop of mash potato. Overall the food tasted good. I still prefer the Chili’s country fried chicken though.

We shared the food among 4 of us and it was sufficient.


Fried Chicken @ Bubba Gump

 The signature drinks are bottomless (free refill). My favourite drink here is still Mango Sparkler.


Mango Sparkler @ Bubba Gump


Blueberry Sparkler @ Bubba Gump

We had Mud Pie for dessert (RM22.90). It is a big size dessert and can be shared with at least a few people. In my case, shared with 4 of us and yet we struggled to finish it.


Mud Pie @ Bubba Gump

So, to sum it up, Bubba Gump is still good place to make meals with your family and friends. Some of the dish has big portion so always check with the staff before you ‘over order’.

A number of drinks are bottomless which is good for most people. The restaurant carries the signature look which is standard with other outlets here in Malaysia or overseas.


Damage @ Bubba Gump

Visited in May 2014. How would I rate them? (Scale 1 to 5, 5 being the highest score).

The atmosphere: 4 / 5, Service: 4 / 5, F&B: 4 / 5.


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