Good Thai food at Fa Ying by Rama V, Paradigm Mall PJ


Fa Ying by Rama V

Who doesn’t love Thai food? Well, it would be a shock to me if I find someone who doesn’t enjoy Thai food. Fa Ying by Rama V is a restaurant in Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya. It is located on the ground floor boulevard area, right opposite of Bulgogi Brothers and The Loaf.

They have more tables on the open space seating rather than the indoor seating. The environment of the restaurant is simple with pieces of art and painting with Thai influence. I would say Fa Ying is casual dining restaurant.

Fa Ying

Fa Ying set menu

On my first time dining here, I tried out the set lunch offer which looked like a good deal. It will cost you RM49.90 including free flow of drinks and dessert. So what’s in the lunch set? Here you go… Thai style chicken wings, stir fried dory fish with hot basil soup, Thai crispy omelette, green curry tofu, spicy tom yam chicken soup and off course rice to go with all the dishes.

The actually prepared these dishes quite fast (which is a good thing) considering the lunch crowd or the rush hour.


Thai chicken wings

The chicken wings were tender and juicy. It has nice flavour and you can smell a hint of lemongrass.


Stir fried dory fish wt hot basil soup

The stir fry dory fish was nice and there is something about Thai basil that I like in Thai dishes.



The omelette tasted normal, I mean it was good but nothing ‘Thai’ about it.


Thai green tofu curry

The green curry tofu tasted good as well considering its just tofu with brinjal and long beans.


Spicy tom yam chicken soup

I enjoyed the spicy tom yam although it was not spicy enough for me but it was a perfect balance with all the dishes.


Rice to go with all the yummy dishes!

I didn’t expect much especially with that many dishes being offered for RM50? Hmm I was expecting everything to be in small portions. But I was wrong, very wrong. I was very happy to see nearly all dishes came is a good portion! Actually you can share this meal with 2-3 people, don’t forget to order extra rice. You can also have this set for dinner as well, how cool is that.  The service was ok and nothing to complaint about. Overall pleasant dining experience and enjoyed the food.

Worth your $$$. I know I had to go back soon!


Free flow of pandan juice aka screwpine.

Visited in April 2014. How would I rate them? The atmosphere 4/5, Service 3.5/5, F&B 4/5.


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