Sam the private taxi driver in Cambodia

In Cambodia, the most common mode of transportation will be tuk tuk, motorbike, private taxi and bus. If you are here on tour package/group, you probably would have this part sorted out.

tuk tuk

Tuk Tuk @ Cambodia

I could only comment on tuk tuk and private taxi in Cambodia as I have used both services during my 1 week trip. Tuk tuk is considered as an affordable mode for sightseeing or to move around in the city during your visit in Cambodia, especially in Phnom Penh where the traffic can be quite hectic.  I have taken the tuk tuk several times for short distance travelling which are mostly within the city. It is safe to travel by tuk tuk but some drivers seem to have aggressive style of driving (or maybe that’s how they drive in Cambodia). Anyway, please have a face mask on standby or a handkerchief / scarf as the roads is quite dusty (dusk & sand). There have been few snatch cases reported for those who travel via tuk tuk so it’s always good to be cautious and do hold on to your bags.  Initially I thought this was not even a concern but whenever we take a tuk tuk, the driver always reminds us to place our bags and mobile phones away from the side/traffic.

I am not that adventurous hence we moved around using a private taxi. This taxi was introduced by the hotel which we stayed in Phnom Peng, Rambutan Resort (you can read on my post here:

The driver, Mr Sam was a very nice guy who speaks good English. This was a major factor for us to consider his service as he was easy to communicate with. We went to all the places using his taxi so it is safe to say he is very familiar with Phnom Penh and Siam Reap. From our experience, if Sam doesn’t know something or perhaps not familiar with the place you wanted to go (which happens rarely) he has good initiative in checking it out with his friends or with the locals which makes it easier for us.


Our private taxi in Cambodia!

Overall, he was very informative and easy to deal with. He communicates to you regularly, very punctual, honest and to somewhat professional in his dealings. Sam gives good advice on what to do or not to do, how to deal with the locals, how to negotiate or how much can we negotiate etc.  This definitely made our trip better as we didn’t face any issues during our travels.

By the way, here is the photo of Sam’s taxi. It’s actually very comfortable and very clean. We actually travelled from Phnom Penh to Siam Reap in his taxi and it was very comfortable journey. You will know what I mean when you travel on road to Siam Reap. I don’t think it would have been an okay journey if I would have taken a bus! Furthermore, the weather in the month of July was very hot. So getting into a car with air-conditioner is a bonus for us. If you guys are coming over to Phnom Penh (where he is based), I would highly recommend him. Opps.. sorry I dont have his picture though.. You probably would be wondering how much does it cost? Well, it would be more than for what you would pay for tuk tuk. Sam gave us a good rate as we hired him for nearly a week. We did some rate-fact-finding with the hotel and found out his rates were better (lower). You can always contact him to find out more… 🙂


Mr Sam, private taxi


Mr Sam, private taxi


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