Platinum Mall, Bangkok, Thailand

My last trip to Bangkok in May 2014 was very much about shopping!

Platinum mall is one of the mall you should visit if you want to grab some clothing or accessories at a good low price. The good thing is that most of the shops who operates here are selling to wholesale dealer. Some items can be cheaper if you buy more than few quantity from the same outlet. You can buy them at pretty decent price and perhaps similar price in outdoor markets.

There are 2 buildings next to each other and each building has few floors of shopping space. Ladies will be very happy here as you can find nearly everything such as clothes, belts, hats, bags, accessories / jewelleries, leather products, shoes, socks, inner wear, gloves, sunglasses, dinner bag, dinner dresses etc. For the boys, you can find t-shirts, shirts, cotton shirts, pants, shorts, shoes, belts, hats, sunglasses, socks, underwear, leather stuffs etc.

Do look out as there are some items which are on sale, perhaps a better deal for you. Do make sure to inspect the items before paying for it to ensure it is in good condition and works properly (zip, button etc). Do bare in mind that these are average quality products while some are good quality. The shop operators are not pushy. A good haggling skills will be a good use during your shopping.

There is a food court here which seems to serve decent food. I didn’t have a chance to give a try during my visit here.

The mall can be quite crowded on certain days (local public holiday, weekend, or ‘tourist’ season) as such it will be good to wear comfortable light clothing. For the ladies, just bring a purse or wristlet for you to carry easily while shopping. Happy shopping!


Taking a short break in front of Platinum Mall.


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