Prey Pros Restaurant, Kompong Thom, Cambodia

We made a stop here while traveling to Siam Reap. Since we have been traveling from Phnom Penh since morning, we were quite hungry so stopped here for lunch. As per our driver, this is one of the ‘better’ places to stop and well like by tourist.




So, what’s here? It’s a restaurant, restroom area and a souvenir store. The restaurant serves local Khmer food with locally sourced produce. When we arrived, there were not many people at this place. So we place our orders. We have Chicken wrapped in lotus leave, morning glory vegetable and fried noodle with egg. The food tasted okay. I didn’t really enjoy the vegetable as it came in a bowl, like a soup. I had the impression it would be like a stir-fry dish. The vegetable soup is heavy with local spices which I find rather too strong for me. The chicken was ok and was my favorite dish there. The noodle was okay but it was too ‘wet’ for my liking. The price is reasonable.  The view is interesting an it is overlooking a lake.






The restroom is clean but if you are very concerned with hygiene, do come with wet wipes (perhaps one with anti-bacterial).

The souvenir store does have a variety of souvenirs which you can find in the Siam Reap town. The prices are reasonable. If you would buy them in Siam Reap, perhaps you can bargain. I don’t think you can do so here. I didn’t buy any items here so I wouldn’t be able to comment much.




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