Friends The Restaurant, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

First of all, this is a café that serves fusion (local Khmer, tapas, burgers,etc) food catering to mostly non-locals. The main difference is that it is supported by Friends International which helps the local community. Please have a reasonable expectation which is to have good food.


Friends Cafe


Now that I have mentioned that, I will comment on what matters; food.

We came here by private taxi, so we got off right in front of the café.  It seems that most people do know about this café. We were greeted by the friendly staff. We were seated almost immediately and given the menu. I was abit shocked to know that they actually serve tapas food. After browsing through the menu, they do serve local food as well, probably smaller serving. Anyway since it was only two of us dining, we ordered a noodle dish (can’t really remember the actual name of the dish), chicken burger and shrimp wontons.


Curry Noodle with chicken


Chicken Burger


Shrimp Wonton

We were more than happy with all the food. We probably waited about 10minutes for the food which is pretty normal wait time. The noodle was served with curry and chicken. It was not very spicy and small portion. The burger was a normal portion and was ok. The shrimp wonton is very good! You should try the rambutan smoothie which was very good and refreshing.


Rambutan smoothie..


The staffs are courteous and friendly. I would definitely recommend this café. Especially knowing there is a good cause behind it. To know more on what Friends do, visit:

Visited in July 2014. How would I rate them? The atmosphere 4/5, Service 4/5, F&B 4/5.


2 thoughts on “Friends The Restaurant, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  1. Edwin, yea. Wasn’t expecting much when we ordered but it turned out very good. Fresh rambutan blended with ice, mandarin orange and fresh mint leaves. It was refreshing, nice rambutan fruity flavor. We have lots of rambutans here in Malaysia but never heard of making it a drink! Hehe


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