Jibby & Co… Love the food here!

Well, this is a new ‘makan’ place in Empire Mall Subang Jaya. The restaurant is located on GK11 which is right outside of Starbucks. I was quite excited to try out this place.






The concept of the restaurant is quite cool! It looks like a glass-green-house concept. The seating areas are on ground floor and the 1st floor. When I was there, the place was quite packed with lunch crowd.  They have good spread of menus here; breakfast, finger food, salad, steak, burgers, pasta, pizza, Asian and off course, dessert.

After browsing through the menu, I decided to try out the Soft Shell Crab Burger on Brioche (RM32). Since I was here with a bunch of people, the food took a while to reach us. Anyway I was quite excited to indulge the burger.


Here is the burger! The soft shell crab was fried well and seemed fresh to me. The seasoning of coating of the soft shell crab is just nice, not to over-powering.  They had the Asian coleslaw on the burger buns which tasted pretty normal. Served with sweet potato friends and spicy sauce.

We also had Shredded Duck Pasta which was really good! Another pasta dish I had tasted was the Tiger prawn & Blue Swimmer Crab pasta which was good as well.  Here are the pictures!




The have cakes on display and some looked really yummy. If that doesn’t tickle your taste bud, you can always order from the menu. I had the flat white coffee (no pictures sorry!) which was okay.




Overall, like the food. Service was good except the food and drinks which arrived late. The seating area on 1st floor (where I was at) is quite warm. Although there are some air-con vents but it feels warm most likely due to the glass house concept. Perhaps a mist-fan will do the trick? Something to really consider about. The desserts and coffee are good as well and decent price. I cant wait to go back and try out other dishes!



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