Visa Free Travel to USA?


From where I am from; Malaysia, a visa is required to enter the United States of America. I have always wanted to visit to US but going through the visa application has been a turn-off for me. Its not about applying for one or not but the whole hassle of filling up the e-application form, fixing for an interview date. Attending the interview while waiting outside the embassy, no shaded area mind you while waiting for your turn is another ‘misery’. Well, maybe the word ‘misery’ is overstated, but you get the drill. The actual interview session perhaps last only a while but apparently your visa’s approval depends on the interviewer. They have the right to ask for relevant document to prove your are financial stable, etc. 

I have not tried applying one but these are based on some of other’s experience, it is not ‘as easy’ as it sounds. In 2013, I met this lovely American couple at my friends party, they were here on holiday. The couple had to go to the US embassy to extend their visa or something and they were ‘shocked’ to see the process of applying visa for the locals. I am not exaggerating but this is what they told me. 

Anyway, here we are trying to sort out between both country to have the visa free ready in about 18 months time. Guess who will be coming over if we actually able to get visa-free travel? Me Me Me!!! 


Here are some links where the visa free news were published locally;



2 thoughts on “Visa Free Travel to USA?

  1. I totally agree, the visa process seems archaic, but there is a good reason for that. There is a lot of dissent towards the US right now, and they just want to make sure all is well with backgrounds. However, that doesn’t excuse the fact they should better accommodate people with proper shade and refreshments! I am a naturalized American, I received my passport about 10 years ago, so I completely understand the hassle one goes through. Believe it or not, it was way worse back then lol Due to many complaints, they have upgraded facilities…but apparently not enough…


    • Hi there, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I do agree with you that ‘there is a good reason for it’ which I totally understand. As a genuine traveler who wants to see the world, it seems very ‘difficult’ here. For someone like me (average income earner or middle class) we need to save lots of $$$ (USDs) in order for us to come over. And yet, i would love to visit USA! haha I am looking forward for the Visa free process which I hope will bring more goodness from it.


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