PRIMO’S at Bandar Mahkota Cheras

This is a new cafe in Bandar Mahkota Cheras area. So, we decided it give it a try. We visited on a Friday for dinner. They offer a variety of choices; salad, burgers, pasta, Asian, pizza.. The menu spread looks good, catering to majority food hunters.

We ordered a grilled chicken chop, lamb chop, for drinks we ordered a passion fruit frosted drink and a cranberry cooler.

The passion fruit frosted is a good choice, smooth ice blended like drink n definitely a thirst quencher on a hot day. It was too sweet for me. The cranberry cooler was alright, could do better with stronger cranberry taste as feels a bit diluted.

Grilled chicken was alright, served with salad, mash potato and mushroom sauce. The sauce taste good, right amount of flavors and consistency. The chicken is done well however it was a smaller portion than what I had expected. The salad was just bare, no sauce or dressing. A splash of vinegratte would do the trick or perhaps the typical thousand island dressing. The lamb chop was okay. It had 3 pieces of lamb with salad and mash on the side. The issue with the salad. Mash was good, very smooth and creamy with the right consistency.

Service is decent and efficient. The food was served in time. Food portion was a bit small if you ask me. The price is decent for a neighborhood cafe. Didn’t manage to snap photos of the outlet but it looks like a clean, minimal yet industrial like concept, lots of grey tone used for ID. Can be boring to look at after a few visits. I might be going again soon to try out some other dishes.








2 thoughts on “PRIMO’S at Bandar Mahkota Cheras

  1. i also been there couple time, mainly for the Dart on second the drink and food there is nice..recom the German Sausage.. the music on second floor is ncie too.. mostly are 90’s song it.. Guess im old…haha will give a 7.5/10

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