I’m in the Top 2%…Awesome!

Being a regular contributor to TripAdvisor, I was very happy to receive this via email the other day.

It says “Congratulations! You’re in the top 2% with 35846 readers, you’re one of the most popular reviewers in Kuala Lumpur. Keep those great opinions coming‘. I feel appreciated! lol

TA 2014 June

Im sure some of you would be thinking, Why do i even bother posting in TripAdvisor? Well, good question. I like the idea of travelers giving feedback based on their own experience and at their own expense. In a way, the feedback feels more genuine. Also, at that time, i didnt believe in blog sites (yes, seriously). This became very very useful for me especially in 2012, when I made the trip to Europe for 3 weeks. I could find out about where to go, what to do, where to stay, the pro & cons of a particular establishment, where & what to avoid, etc.

Coming from Malaysia, i didn’t have many friends who have been to Europe. The only friend that i knew who have been to London & Paris was a friend of mine who was an airline crew. Although she could give me some tips but it was not the same as a traveler point of view. Off course she did give some tips on where to shop which was very useful! haha.

Have a good day all!


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