Winner of the World Sandwich Cup, Paris 2012/ 2013

Its been a while since I have been to Dave’s deli. I do enjoy their Roast chicken, foot ong sausage and pies!

This time, I tried something new.. what they claim to be ‘World best sandwich‘.. wow.. sounds interesting, doesnt it? Especially when they claim it is World’s best! My friends had the roast chicken meal while i went ahead and ordered the sandwich. I was very eager to try it out!

They claim; ‘A unique blend of succulent chicken marinated with local herbs, garnished with fresh daikon radish, carrot, cucumber & topped with birds eye chili & our signature tongka vinaigrette. Served between crusty Panini bread’.



Did i like it? Well, to some point, yes i did. First of all, it is considered a big portion sandwich with salad on the side. The sauce and cili padi in it doesn’t do the trick for me. The sauce reminds me of rendang + tumeric + cili flavors.

Will i order it again? Hmmm i dont think so. I find the taste of the chicken is very ‘malaysian’ while i prefer more western style sandwich. Nevertheless, it is good one. You definitely will be stuffed after having it. Maybe i will have their roast chicken the next time i go there.




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