Utter disappointment with Delicious!

There are times when I crave to eat something and this time I was craving to eat some cupcakes. So my friend was at Sunway Pyramid mall and I asked him to get some cupcakes from Delicious. For those who don’t know who they are; they are a well-known restaurant serving western and local food here in Malaysia. The food is delicious (yes seriously they are good!) and I am a regular at their Bangsar Village and Midvalley mall outlets.

My impression has changed a bit from this experience. I had chocolate éclairs, ginger something cupcakes and peanut butter jelly cupcakes. Everything sounds yummy isn’t it? Well, read on.

The chocolate éclair was hard as rubber. I ate one of it and it tasted as it I am chewing a rubber coated éclairs! The choux pastry was flat and very dry in texture flat. The filling of the éclair was funky tasting. It tasted almost like it has ‘spoiled’ so we threw them away. I still have cupcakes, don’t I?


Let me share with you on the cakes. The ginger butter cream cupcake was so dry till I nearly choked while eating it. The cake taste like it was over-baked which is quite obvious even looking at the picture, note the bottom of the cupcake where it looks almost dark brown colour. The ginger in the frosting is so over powering and it doesn’t taste pleasant at all. The cake taste like it has been exposed outside of chiller for a long time. The butter cream is flat, not fluffy at all. Moving to peanut butter jelly cupcakes. The jelly tasted like it had spoiled. The peanut butter frosting wasn’t tasty at all and again taste like it has been exposed out of the chiller. The cake texture was dry and tasted exactly the same as the ginger cake; perhaps the same cake with different toppings? How creative of them.


Anyway most of the food (well, to be exact, all of it) end up being in the trash bin which was a shocker considering I love cakes and deserts, especially the desserts in Delicious outlets! This definitely will be my most horrible experience with Delicious cupcakes. Utterly disappointed.


I will be submitting this as feedback to them. Let’s see what they have to say about it. Or if they ever bother responding.


2 thoughts on “Utter disappointment with Delicious!

  1. Hello Healthracer.. Yea, it was unfortunate event and a bad one. I think we, the consumers need to give feedback or comments in order for such establishment to know what went wrong or even right.


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