Kaffa Espresso Bar Damansara Uptown ; An average experience for me…

I wanted to try out this place so much after reading lots of good reviews on TA. So I was in Damansara Uptown area and decided to give it a try! The deco of the café is quite cosy and feels good. The decoration is done well, simple yet pleasant.

We walked in and sat for a few minutes but no one attended to us. Then we ask the lady at the counter who seemed busy preparing some drinks, she told us that we need to place our orders at the counter and they will deliver the food to us. Ok, that’s the first turn-off.

We ordered lamb shoulder, char-grilled chicken burger, a long black coffee and a peanut butter mille crepe for dessert. The Chinese lady who was at the counter did recommend few items when we asked her on the signature dish.


Our food came in about 10-15 minutes. The lamb shoulder had a strong lamb smell but looked good. It turned out to be quite tough and chewy. The lamb was served with mashed potato and salad.


As for the chicken burger, the meat was cooked well however could have been better if flavoured well with herbs & spices. It was a piece of breast meat hence it was a bit tough. The burger bun was toasted however it was toasted too long as end up being so crispy on most part of the buns. The burger came with mashed potato and salad as well. Hmmm burger served with mash potato? I don’t think it’s a good combination!


Moving on….the black coffee was okay. The peanut butter crepe cake was so so only. You can taste the peanut butter however it was very mild and more like crème.



I would say the food that we had was average standard. Service was ok but expected friendlier service since it a non-chain café. Just before we leave, I had to use the washroom. Generally it was clean however the awful smell was overpowering. Thank god I had my meal before going to washroom otherwise it will be such a turn-off. The price is reasonable however I think there are much better choices for such price range cafe which offers better choices of f&b.

IMG_1049 IMG_1046

Visited in July 2013. How would I rate them? The atmosphere 3.5/5, Service 3/5, F&B 3.5/5.

Where at: 97G Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Uptown, 47400 PJ.


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