Good authentic Italian food @ Favola Le Meridian

I have been to Favola Le Meridian for a few times now and normally here celebration of special occasions.  Favola’s decoration and the restaurant set-up do remind me of Italian restaurants in Italy. It is cosy, rustic, Venetian atmosphere and feels rich in history. You should check out the mask displayed on the wall, which is quite cool! You won’t be able to see such mask elsewhere unless you are in Italy. And those chairs are so comfy!






As soon as you are seated, you will be served with few types of breads with dips. These breads and the dips are really good!

We ordered Venetian pizza and squid ink pasta with smoked duck for our main dishes. The pizza was nice but had slight smell of the seafood which could mean that one of the seafood ingredients was not fresh. It was bearable so we didn’t bother complaining.


Venetian pizza

The pasta was very good and it was cooked well or shall I say ‘al dente’. The smoked duck meat is quite good and tender. The olive oil based sauce for the pasta is well done with a hint of chili flakes, garlic and basil (I think).


Squid ink pasta with duck

By the time we are finish with our food, we are so stuffed so we had to skip coffee and dessert. The food portion is not as big as other Italian restaurants however since everything is made fresh and with so much detail it was the dining experience to the next level. The service is good and efficient which makes it a good dining experience. You can say this is a fine dining restaurant hence some sort of dress code to be adhered. No sandals and shorts but smart casual will do… Overall loved it! Would love to go again very soon!


Visited in August 2013. How would I rate them? The atmosphere 5/5, Service 5/5, F&B 5/5.

Where at: 8th floor, Le Meridian Kuala Lumpur


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