Alexis The Gardens… Over rated gastronomic!

I have been to Alexis on numerous occasions in the past years. This time, it was another let down for me. Let me share with you on the details.

I was here with friends to celebrate someone’s birthday. As soon as we arrive, we were seated almost immediately. We placed our orders which was Chinese man tou with crispy duck (RM22), spaghetti marinara (RM42), linguine vongole (RM36), fish & chips (RM34), prawn pizza (RM36) and drinks.

The food was served in decent amount of time and it was hot when it was served. Well, are you curious on how it tasted? The fish & chip was fine, no major issues with it. I have the sight of skinny chips. It reminds me of the chips that we buy from hypermarket! Those chips should be banned from being served in restaurants! The portion of the fish is too small! Look at the photo and you will know what I mean exactly.



The spaghetti marinara was so so. The sauce is a bit to sour and salty. There were about 5 rings of squid in it together with few prawns. Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently for Alexis, that’s what they call ‘seafood’.



Spaghetti vongole; we discovered that the pasta was under-cooked as it was very hard! We informed the server and he did bring it back to the kitchen for further cooking. The pasta sauce, which is olio oil and wine didn’t taste good. It felt like lacking of taste! Fyi, this was the dish that the birthday girl had, what a spoiler!


The Chinese man tou with crispy duck was so so only. The pizza was surprisingly good! Nice thin crust, not too crispy and nice sauce on the base.




After we are done with our meals, I took out a cake which I have bought elsewhere. The servers informed us that ‘no outside cake’ is allowed. I explained to the server that we are celebrating someone’s birthday. If no cake is allowed, then we are ok to have a complimentary cake from Alexis. The server returned in a while and informed us it is ok to go ahead with the cake that we brought. We had to ask for some plates in order for us to consume the cake. Our empty glasses of h20 were never one refilled during the whole time. There were only about 4 tables occupied in the smoking area so it’s obvious that they were not that busy. The servers are attentive but I would say not very friendly. They generally have the ‘not interested to serve you’ look which is quite obvious from the facial expression. The environment of the restaurant is okay, clean/warehouse/industrial look. Our total bill was RM227.35 which was over-priced especially with mediocre food and service.

I don’t think I will be heading back to this place!

Visited in October 2013. How would I rate them? The atmosphere 3.5/5, Service 3/5, F&B 2/5.


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