M&M’s World London… A colourful experience for M&M lovers!

We were at Leicester Square for some window shopping and also to visit my favorite Mark & Spenser outlet here. We decided to drop by to M&M’s World since we have some time.

It’s a 4 floor outlet and as everyone says, you can find all the colours, flavours and packaging of M&Ms. You can also mix and match your M&M and weight them before paying at the counter. Also, there are so many other merchandise for sale such as t-shirt, cap, soft toys, clock, watch, mugs, key chain, pillow, men’s boxer shorts, umbrella, M&M dispenser, etc. Some of the product are expensive but then again it would be as you won’t be able to find it elsewhere. We did get few stuff here; off course variety of chocolates, t-shirts and key chains.

P1060207   P1060214

While inside, you should take the opportunity to snap few photos of the giant M&Ms on display, which is quite cool. Well, do stop over here if you are a fan of M&Ms even if you don’t plan to buy anything.

P1060215   P1060216

P1060217   P1060221



Where its at: 1 Swiss Court, Leicester Square, London, WC2H 6AP

Visited in 2012


6 thoughts on “M&M’s World London… A colourful experience for M&M lovers!

    • Hi OllyTemur, thanks for the comment. It is a joy once you are in there. It’s just bursting with colors. Anyway look out for more post soon.


      • A good post. I went with my younger siblings and they loved it. Like you said the place is full of colours and so much energy 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    • Hi there, glad i could share it with you guys. I got to know about it when i browsed the attractions in London. Anyway thanks for following my blog.


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