Harrods London… Unforgettable!

We don’t have Harrods back at Kuala Lumpur! Well actually we do, a Harrods Café to be exact which is located in KLCC mall. That is nothing to be compared to the Harrods store in London.

Coming from South East Asia where going to malls are deemed common but wait till you come over here, this is the mother of all malls!


It’s a classic looking building however you will be impressed with the interior of this place. The decoration and furniture looks expensive (I am sure they are!). Generally the products here are quite expensive as mostly luxurious brands.

I did buy few items from here as they were on offer. To get some branded merchandise on offer is like a bonus. I bought a Hugo Boss men’s wallet and 3 perfumes which was offer. We also bought few Harrods merchandise, cosmetic pouch, IPhone casing, and Harrods bear. We did buy some chocolates and snacks from the food area.

P1060050 P1060048  P1060045  P1060046

Staffs are generally attentive and very professional. Was assisted by an Indian lady for my tax return and she was courteous and friendly.

Even if you don’t plan to shop here, do come over to visit. You will like it. Please dress up appropriately as the guard do screen through. Generally for men, try not to wear slippers or come with ‘back packer’ style clothing (no offense here). Basically a neat appearance and proper clothing.

Visited in 2012.

P1060049  1137 P1060035



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