Yeast Bangsar. Yawn.. I was not that impressed!

You think my title is bit too dramatic? Well, let me share you with you on my Yeast experience, November 2013.

Me and friends were here on a weekday to celebrate few of our friends’ birthday (including mine). After much searching, we thought hey, why not give this restaurant a try since we have seen many good reviews. Walla, reservation made! We were all quite excited for the gastronomy adventure, being French food and all.

Few of us arrived on time and the rest got stuck in traffic and arrived a bit later. Anyway, we ordered few drinks and starters while waiting for the rest. The staffs seem to run out of patience while attending to us. It is quite obvious especially when they were removing the wine glasses from our table as we finally decided not to have any alcohol that night.

Anyway we ordered Brioche d’Escargots, French onion soup, salad with smoked duck bits and poached egg. For main course, we had Barramundi, sea scallops, roasted chicken, and seafood spaghetti. For dessert, we had soufflé, chocolate tart and one more item which I couldn’t recall. Overall, I would recommend the Brioche d’Escargots, salad with smoked duck bits and poached egg and chocolate tart. The rest of the food was not impressive at all. Most of the food tasted pretty normal and I can’t figure out the French bit.

The most disappointing dish for me was the French onion soup. I had onion soup regularly during my one week travel to France which left me with awesome expectation. Over here, they serve it with pieces of baguette and even had beef bits in the soup, which is rather odd. Anyway, by the time we had our food, etc, it was close to 10+pm. The restaurant kept reminding us to place our orders as they would be ‘closing’ the kitchen soon which is a norm in any restaurant but come one, don’t have to show faces around. 

Anyway the damage was close to RM800 (if I can recall it properly). I would rather spend the same amount of money in some other places. There are good restaurants (Prego for example, off cox its not french. Its Italian) where you would eat your heart out with that budget. Anyway, to be fair, we had to try it to know it. So we did. Would I recommend this restaurant, it’s a No…

How would I rate Yeast? Hmmm here you go. Outlet atmosphere 4/5, Service 4/5, F&B 3/5.








Roasted chicken


Seafood pasta


salad with smoked duck bits and poached egg


Brioche d’Escargots.. yummy!


Onion Soup


Complimentary bread


Typical french table setting..


Tadaa.. Menu!


Snapshot of the menu. Simple to read.




Choc Soufle

Choc Soufle



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